Friday, November 25, 2011

Off to the printers my little zine goes!

drawing lots of cats

My labour of love, aka Tokyo Zine, is off to the printers! I was thinking of ways to compile my zine, actually to be honest the whole thing was given me a headache until I woke up one morning with the solution…
Now excuse me whilst I go off on a tangent...

About a year ago I went to a local church bookfeast and picked up the book “the magic power of your mind”, the book, written many moons ago, talked about the fact that for 8 hours in a day our mind is slacking when it could/should be working. It suggested giving your brain a problem to work on whilst sleeping. And hey presto I did just that and woke up with the idea to do a postcard zine! I’ve given my brain a few problems to dwell over during my sleeping moments but to be honest the hit or miss ratio is heavily on the miss side! I either have a lazy brain or the book is full of nonsense :P

making an art zine
So yes a postcard zine, as a lover of postcards and their nifty ability to be blu-taked to a wall. I think it shall all turn out dandy!

By the way I wouldn’t suggest giving your brain a problem if you have trouble going to sleep, possibly making things worse for you!


  1. Yay postcard zine!! :-) that's exciting!
    Interesting about the problem-solving when asleep! Will have to try it :-)

  2. AWESOME! i'm hanging to see how it turns out.

    i think we should all be a little gentle on our noggins. i'm down for giving it a break for 8 hours - i feel that i think about way too much stuff when i'm awake, sleeping is a giant stress reliever. sometimes i get annoyed when i've been dreaming all night because i wake up EXHAUSTED and that's just not what sleep's about. you know? yeah.

  3. true!
    The brain is a fascinating thing, I remember reading about the brain needing sleep time to sort through days events and save memories, I want to believe it likes being active, sort of like the control freak of the body, telling everything what to do and never falling behind....
    if only someone told it to sleep once in a while :P Perhaps i'll tell my brain to go easy tonight and hope I don't wake up in a coffin!

  4. oh postcards...sounds good

    got your print ..

  5. It's always so fun to see where the print ends up after I post it off :)

    I hope Nila loves them!


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