Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tim Walker Book

Tim Walker

My favourite photographer (not that I know too many :P) is Tim Walker! I got his book as a treat for myself the other week and I pretty much engulfed it within a few days. I was expecting a book full of his finished photos but it's actually way more amazing with sketchbook experts, quotes from people Tim worked with, as well as behind the scene shots and of course his finished works too.

I love that the text is minimal and the pictures speak for themselves but there is also enough lovely little tidbits and quotes that make the pictures more interesting to look at

And who can resist the book without it's dustjacket...perfect!

Tim Walker's Pictures

The funny thing is after reading the book I got the feeling Mr Walker is all about being a purist and that he takes delight in the fact that his photos don't go through any post editing :)

bunny and the moon


  1. Looks like a lovely book! Have to show me sometime :-) not that I know much about photography but I still like to look hehe

    Really love that last photo :-)

  2. Yeah he's really rad, does a lot of fashion photography but with weird elements like a room full of bunnies or balloons!


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