Friday, December 23, 2011

failed fireworks

I've been trying to learn how to photograph fireworks, haven't learnt much yet :P I was waiting for the Coast's big, Christmas Carol Fireworks Bonza and rocked up to the wrong place, that was a let down, oh well as Ben said there is always New Years, might be able to perfect fireworks photography then!

fireworks 2

fireworks 1

fireworks 4

fireworks 3

Anyway we're off for our trip, if I don't pop back here again, 
Thanks so much for reading my blog in 2011 
I'm super stoked to share all my adventures you guys in 2012 :)

P.S. I'll leave my etsy shop open but I wont be able to send off orders until I get back on the 3rd


  1. That last one looks awesome, like a firework spider!
    Thank YOU for your awesome entertaining blog, have enjoyed reading it and yeah I'm excited to see what's in store for 2012!! :)

  2. thanks for being such a loyal reader! :) We're off to a butterfly house today, eek, I'm excited!

  3. Did you end up getting to take photos of fireworks on New Years eve?

  4. aww I didn't but I got a kiss in a rainforest! that was pretty nice...he he he, will have to catch up on my blogging, lots of photos to share :)


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