Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Joel Birch in Acclaim

Something so cool happened a few months back, I got to photograph Joel Birch, for a feature in Acclaim Mag..thanks Alex for setting that up!

Joel Birch in Acclaim

It was super fun and makes me want to keep taking photos!!

Joel Birch in Acclaim 2

Joel Birch in Acclaim 3
Joel's kitties are called doom and gloom, how rad

P.S. by the way acclaim mag is a great publication, I happily sunk my teeth into it the other day, beautiful layout, writing and pics!
P.S.S. Joel Birch is a rad photographer too, I love seeing what he posts on his tumblr!


  1. Wow fee that's awesome!! You're a fantastic photographer!

  2. Great news/work fee! I love the aesthetic of your photographs! Also, love seeing dudes with sleeves cuddling kitties! So much love going on there.

    Congrats! x

  3. Yeah perhaps a pretty easy shoot, it was all aesthetically there :)So I was lucky...he's a nice dude too!

    thanks guys!!


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