Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lunar Eclipse and a cancelled Boat Parade

Last night there was an awesome storm which had thunder, lighting and hail!
We had plans of going down to see the Christmas Boat Parade at Mooloolaba and I kept frantically checking their facebook page for updates, apparently at one point lighting hit a boat's mask and it caught on fire, eek... dramatic! We headed down at around 8pm just in case it was still on...
Mooloolaba Christmas Boat Parade 2

Mooloolaba Christmas Boat Parade

Mooloolaba Christmas Boat Parade 3

mooloolaba at night
We only ended up seeing a few boats but it was still fun, there is a quite eeriness after a big storm!

I also managed to stay up till midnight to watch the lunar eclipse, it was...well slightly uneventful :P I don't think we got quite the full spectacle due to all the cloud cover but hey at least now I can say I've seen a lunar eclipse, woot!

lunar eclipse
Trust me when I saw it was slightly cooler than what my silly camera could capture!


  1. I didn't even know there was going to be a lunar eclipse!! I swear I should pay more attention to the world around me hehehe. Sorry it wasnt super visible but if it was even prettier than that picture, which is mighty pretty - then it must have been good still!

    also - CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE!!!! Can I come with next year?? That sounds amazing! :)

    miss ya chicken, loves!

  2. Opps I should have posted about it on facebook! A lunar eclipse happens every few years I think :) The boat parade would have been pretty swell! Definitely invite you guys next year!


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