Monday, December 5, 2011

Nambour Museum

I read in the local paper about my town have it's own historical museum, so of course I thought what better way to spend a Saturday arvo :P  To be honest I can get historical overloaded pretty quickly but this museum had the perfect amount of charm/info and for the price of 3 dollars who could complain!

I walked in and was greeted by a woman who handed me a map of the house, where the museum is laid out in.  I found myself alone for about 90% of my time there which let me completely indulge in taking photos, which the lady at the door said was fine to do :)

The first room I found myself in had a cabinet full of old cameras,  I knew straight away my three dollars had not gone to waste!
old camera

Then perhaps my favourite room of the house, full of wedding dresses and dainty vanity sets!
vintage wedding dresses

vanity set

Old Wedding Dresses

You'll then find yourself in the kitchen display
chicken tea cosey


Then onto the Laundry

dolls head


toy piano


Embroidery Room
vintage kids dresses

Pass the military display
australian flag
and remembrance display

and then onto the Hospital Display, which was amazing, all the old medical instruments, a vintage wheelchair and of course I fell in love with this vintage nurse outfit!
old nurses uniform

old nurses outfit

The museum continues outside and this is where I ran into some other folk, to be honest it was just a few older men looking at the old machinery...I walked through that bit fast, but I walked out of the museum with a smile on my face...heck even their garden was pretty

pink flowers
Nambour, I love you even more now


  1. omg the chicken tea cosy!!!


  2. I was tempted to pinch that when no one was looking :P he he

  3. also, probably the best local museum i've seen! those old wedding dresses and vanity sets are amaze!

  4. It was super impressive and a really cute detail was information sheets telling you about how 'The Great South East'(or a show similiar to that) came and did a feature and how they spent the most time in the wedding dress room and the kitchen and commented that it was the best collection of items they'd seen of a local museum!

    Very cute!


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