Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowman Head in Fridge

The lovely Heather made the best snowman cakes ever! They were so awesomely delicious and cute and this shot the day after was too good not too snap :P

snowman head in fridge

Thanks Heather for being an awesome baker!


  1. Hahaha classic, looks so sadistic!

    I'm leaving the rest of my christmas craft/baking blogs til after christmas so as not to give away what people are getting, will let you know when they're up!
    Unless they go horribly horribly wrong. In which case we shall never speak of them. ;)

    Happy 23 sleeps!!!

  2. definitely sadistic, delightfully sadistic! Can't wait until you can do the reveal, I bet your baking will be rad!!!
    Not long now till Christmas :)


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