Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Subway Napkin

The story goes like this, Ben and I went down to our local plaza, we got out of my car, Ben read a flyer posted on the car beside, we went and did our plaza thing and then came back to this subway napkin underneath my car's window wiper

We worked out that it wasn't security, what security guard uses a subway napkin for a warning message? It wasn't the car that the flyer was posted on, because as Ben later explained to me when I started saying stuff like "you were snooping at someone's ticket???" it was simply a spam flyer. Actually it was a flyer about a motorbike accident and rallying for safer roads, or something to that effect. After having a little chuckle, I was slightly weirded out that

a) someone was watching us and

b) they cared that much!


  1. Ha! That's a bit bizzare!
    I like that mate is underlined, what crazy

  2. I'm know, crazy huh? Loved the mate bit too :p


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