Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What an idiot!

This is the first time in my 27 years that I opened the wrong end :p

In other exciting news, it's all about the little things like seeing your birthday as the expiry date!!



  1. You're not an idiot Fee, you're a rebel! That carton can't tell you which end to open! :)

    Your birthday is almost here!! I won't get to see you til way after lol have a think of somewhere you'd like to go for dinner when we catch up, my treat! :)

    Miss ya xoxo

  2. Ah yup, that's it total rebel, I like! :)

    Ohh dinner, sounds fun, look forward to it!
    Loves loves loves!!!

  3. hahahaha sometimes i buy stuff ONLY BECAUSE it expires on my birthday! it's the little things fee x

    PS what new camera did you get? i love the gif of you cracking up (:

  4. Oh my new camera is the 5d mark2, it's super rad, I have to keep reminding myself to make sure i still use film though

    It's totally the little things!


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