Friday, May 18, 2012

Brisbane Museum

Despite it being crazy busy at the Museum, big long line for the Mummy exhibition!
I still had a fun time hanging out and exploring Brisbane, ending the night seeing dubfx in the valley


  1. DINOSAURS!!!! <3

    If they ever get rid of the trex at the vet near us, we'll have to change our yearly family portrait to these guys at the museum :)

    Awesome pics, did you go on the ferris wheel thing?

  2. Oh that would be sad if they got rid of it, perhaps you could go that one step further and buy it off them for your yard! He he

    Ah no we didn't from memory it was expensive and not that cool!

    1. Hehe that would be awesome :-)

      Yeah we went on it once, definitely too expensive and its so slow and no fun being all enclosed like that, no fun whoosh bit on the way down like an old school ferris wheel :-)

  3. Yeah it's all just a bit too finely developed to be fun :p


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