Friday, May 11, 2012


Lots of fun Brisbane adventures of late, got a free birthday massage at holistic health, which is such a beautiful place and family hangs, I think this was all still from my birthday

I'll blog our trip to the art gallery next, too big to fit with this guy!


  1. Have always wanted to check out holistic health - maybe I'll check into if they do preg massage, could really use one.

    Cute photos :)
    Nice jumper too ;)

  2. They have spa an sauna too, can you do them when you're pregnant, I'm pretty pregnancy clueless! Lol but yes it's a lovely place, 10 out of 10 from me!

    1. Nah no spa or sauna for me but I'd be happy with the massage :-)
      10/10! High rating I will have to investigate x

  3. Yeah I definitely speak fondly of the place, I can find out the name of the guy who massaged me if you like, though mum and me when we went years and years ago had different peeps, a lady and a man and both were brilliant too, so I'd guess they are all good, hopefully! Lol


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