Friday, May 4, 2012

Holga 135bc vs Pink Dress

So I lost my lovely pink dress toy camera whilst up north and replaced it with a Holga 135bc, the BC bit just means it creates vignetting aka dark edges which I thought would be fun :) I own another Holga but it doesn't take normal 35mm film, so getting the 135bc meant it's now easy to buy and develop film, which is nice!
I got my roll back the other day from the Holga and just from that one roll I think the pink dress, toy camera has the egde. The pink dress always produced really cool saturated mages which lacks sometimes in the Holga. The Holga has more features but if I loose the Holga I'll replace it with the pink dress camera again :)
I always think that toy cameras don't really need features, keep it simple stupid! Still, the Holga is fun and I want to try and play with double exposures more, which is when you take a picture and before advancing the film you snap another photo over the top, like the one below...

Ben and me!

And just for fun some instant pics Mami took of us :)


  1. That first photo is cool! :)
    Do you have a digital camera these days or all film ones now?
    I shall chat to you soon about doing some photos for us, will pay you of course! :)

  2. I have a few film and a digital :)
    Been using the digital one the most lately though. Always happy to take photos no money needed!! It's hard to get peeps to volunteer, so I'm all yours!


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