Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hot Topic and Burntfeather

Pretty cool that my weak at the knees design will hopefully get bodies wearing it! Hot topic approached me and I was more than thrilled to get on board. We don't get Hot Topic in Australia but I'm guessing it's similar to Jay Jays probably aimed at people younger than myself but hey I still shop there :p

They sent me out the tee and singlet I've yet to wear them because of fear of spilling a big blob of tomato sauce onto them, he he!


  1. Great news, congrats! Hot topic is a very cool store. I tried to order online one time(we don't have the stores here), they sure have nice stuff:)

  2. Yeah I had a quick look a their website and saw a few things I wouldn't mind owning either!

    Thanks for the kindness


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