Thursday, May 10, 2012

Number 52 of why Nambour is Cool

I'm forever defending Nambour as it gets quite a bad rap. It's actually a cute town with beautiful surrounding nature, sure it's got it's far case of bogans but if you can overlook that it also has some sweet surprises like the Nambour Civic Center which Ben and I visited a few weeks ago to go watch a play. We had quite the cultured experience! Anyway that brings me to today's photos of a beautiful mural in the foyer. The mural measures six by two metres, was worked on by about 25 women and took a year to complete ready in 1990 for the Civic's Center official opening. It's a beautiful piece of art and makes me proud to call Nambour home.
I wish my photos did it more justic but hey maybe you'll just have to come visit the civic Center and see for yourself :p


  1. That does look cool :)
    Meh, don't worry about Nambour haters Fee, I don't see a problem with it :)
    There are bogans EVERYWHERE lol, definitely not location specific.

  2. That looks beautiful indeed! I bet it looks amazing in real life:)


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