Monday, July 9, 2012

Low Expectations Road Trip - Goomeri

We left Kinbombi Falls and headed to Goomeri, which had the first big thing on my list...the big pumpkin. So I'll admit the low expectations road trip was largely due to me wanting to cross three more things off my QLD big things list and plus it was the last weekend before Ben left me for six weeks. Ben saw through my ways when I suggested the road trip and quizzed me if it had anything to do with my big things obsession, I came clean and Ben was still keen to come, trooper!

Guess what, Goomeri didn't have a big pumpkin, the Internet lied! After driving up and down this two street town, I wanted to make sure we hadn't blindly missed it so we headed to the info Center. The little old lady looked frazzled when I inquired about a big pumpkin and pointed to a small ornamental pumpkin sitting on the floor as the only big pumpkin around. Mmm, perhaps the big pumpkin comes out for the annual pumpkin festival! So now we had an hour or so to kill before heading to Ben's Mums place for dinner. I asked the info lady what we could do to pass the time in her town and she looked at me even more frazzled, she ummed and ahhhed before I quickly changed the subject and wished her a good day! You know your town isn't the most exciting place when even the info lady can't tell us what to do :p

We had fun anyway!

Since Goomeri is the town of pumpkins (if you hadn't already figured that out!) the Internet had suggested a famous pumpkin pie from the cafe in town. I thought it would be nice to pick up one to bring for dinner. We walk in and after seeing a display case of pies I inquired about purchasing a pumpkin pie. The lady gave me a startled expression that I was no expecting to see. After she explained they were apple pies, I suddenly, felt strange asking if they had any pumpkin ones. After some awkward interacting we walked out with the goods! Strange for a cafe named the 'Pumpkin Pie Cafe' but hey to give them credit I did enjoy my slice of apple pie!

Low Expectations Recap

1) Kilkivan Cemetery

2) Kilkivan Smelter

3) Kilkivan

4) Kinbombi Falls


  1. bahahaha that made me lol! that kind of thing happens to me allllll the time...internet research is totally dodgy! but heaps and heaps of random fun (:


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