Saturday, July 7, 2012

Low Expectations Road Trip - Kilkivan for Lunch

The Cemetery and Chimney are both outside of town and as we drove into Kilkivan I realised it was definitely a one street town, still left a lovely impression on me, as did our lunch at the Continental House. The owner was a lovely German man who served us up a huge plate of hot yummy German food! It definitely seemed odd that this town has less than a handful of eating places, one being a pub and one being the Continental House. If you're planning a road trip yourself, it's next door to the overpriced antiques store and well worth the visit :)

By the way, at this point in our trip Ben and I realised we were the only couple under 50 embarking through the countryside but hey, that's how we roll :p
Low Expectations Recap

1) Kilkivan Cemetry

2) Kilkivan Smelter


  1. mmm delicious german food! :)
    I really like the theme of a low expectations road trip - makes me smile each entry I read!
    some beautiful photos here! Not that that's a surprise, you talented girl you! :)
    love love love!

  2. Our low expectations definitely made for a super enjoyable trip! Sometimes you don't need to go anywhere fancy to have a good time :)
    Thanks for the love!


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