Monday, July 23, 2012

Maryborough - Mary Poppins Parade

The parade was so much fun and purely by accident I landed myself in a prime photographic position :)

Yay for Mary Poppins!
By the way if you are wondering about the connection between Maryborough and Mary Poppins,
I'll let wiki explain,

"Maryborough is the birthplace of P.L.Travers, author of the Mary Poppins books, who moved to Bowral at age eight. Her father managed a bank in the building where she was born. This is in the centre of town and still in use, no longer as a bank but as a retail shop. A life-size bronze statue of Mary Poppins, as P.L. Travers described her, complete with umbrella was erected outside the old bank premises in 2005. It is now one of Maryborough's most famous and photographed icons".

The funny thing is that I never saw the statue, I guess there was just too many people around!


  1. Very cool Mary Poppins parade! Thanks for explaining it hehe I was wondering why they had that! :)
    The costumes are cool, love old timey-ness :)

  2. Yeah I thought it was pretty to cool to learn the author was a qld'er!

  3. holy crap that festival looks amazing! so many cute old mary poppinssssss! i had no idea the author was from australia even hahaha QUEENSLAND PRIDE YEY!

    did you dress up too???

  4. For some reason I kept thinking it was you who told me about her in the first place!

    I kind of just went to the festival on a whim, read about it in a RACQ mag of all places :p
    Next time I may definitely have to consider the dressing up route or at least watching the movie the night before. Everywhere I went people were quoting the movie, well I assume they were by there actress/actor voices and outright singing! It was a fun odd day!

  5. Love that there is a Mary Poppins Parade!


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