Friday, September 28, 2012

Putt putt

Did I mentioned we went to putt putt, heather first introduced me to themed mini golf and I can't thank her enough for that :) Ben and I both won a game, so we'll have to go back again and battle it out for the decider!


  1. Yay best putt putt place!! They've painted the castle! Wait is it really sad I noticed that lol!
    Totally have to take Lucy here when she's big enough to play :)
    Ooh a decider battle! :) hehe so much fun!

  2. That's cute heather I'd didnt even realise it had been repainted but I did delight in the pink-ness!!!!

    Lucy will love it!!! Well okay I don't actually know that yet but I have good suspicions :p he he


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