Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goodbye Grandma

On Thursday night my Grandma passed away. It's been an unforgettable two months, finding out her diagnosis of leukaemia on the 10th of October and then saying goodbye on the 13th...two dates firmly imprinted on my brain. I feel like I'm living in a very surreal World, one where people actually die and leave their bodies, where bodies are just shells. What an incredible experience we get to have by living in this World. I'm thinking of all the times, everyday, I've simply taken that experience for granted. My Grandma is one incredibly missed lady. Her funeral is this Wednesday and its all gone so quickly, I haven't even had time to process that it's only three days away. It feels like a lifetime, but only a moment ago I watched her die. So many words in my mind, but I want to fill this entry with fireworks. I know this is silly but the day Mishka passed away, Ben and I headed down to the plaza and fireworks started to go off, we stood and watched them and smiled, "fireworks for Mishka" we couldn't imagine a more perfect send off. On Friday night I sat in the park, in a dark spot by myself and watched our town's annual fireworks display. I smiled through some tears and thought how amazing that Grandma gets some fireworks too. So here are some firework photos for anyone who has ever felt the empty place left by someone special and the reminder of how lucky we all are to still be here :)

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