Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mooloolaba Xmas Boat Parade 2012

I was lucky to land event photographer for the Mooloolaba Boat Parade this year. I remember going along the previous year to find not a lot of boats on the water, severe storms and then reading about how a boat actually got struck by lightning! Turns out that was the boat they put me on board, this past Saturday night. We didn't get struck by lightning but all the Christmas lights decided to go out ten minutes into the parade due to a faulty generator. Luckily the owner, skipper and peeps on board were all delightful and in the end it really didn't matter that we weren't as pretty as the rest. It also made for some witty banter being thrown over board to the other boats and the houses we passed by. Lets just say the Eco, power saver, was a big theme. Thanks 'Synergy' for having me on board and thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and absolutely delightful! If you missed out going this year book it in your calendars for next!

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