Monday, January 21, 2013

Hospital visit and my new Willy Wonka Cast


Got my brand spanking new cast the other day. The cast man was truly skilled and when he suggested pink & purple stripes + glitter, I couldn't contain myself. I also got a first look at my broken Fibula via the magic of xray. On screen I thought the break looked amazing, even Ben asked if it was an actual break. Turns out it wasn't the greatest and was borderline surgery needing. The young doctor chatted with his superior and the superior pointed out that my foot was actually cast, in emergency, in a really mong position and they needed to recast and re x-ray it to make the final decision.






(Checking out my ankle, my foot is still pretty swollen and bruised, surprisingly on the opp side of the break)

The cast man asked me if my foot was really sore, as my first cast had been put on really tight. When he took the cast off it was like someone taking off a really tight boot, amazing! Also the Pizza Cutter-esque saw they use is incredible, it cuts thought the plaster but when it contacts with the skin nothing. The whole process was very therapeutic, I felt like I was in a day spa, as my foot got cleaned and then wrapped in fluffy cloud padding! Even when it came to the awful part, the setting of my foot to its right angle position, I zen-ed out and it really wasn't too bad, even being absent of pain meds.


The cast man said that those who meditate always have a better outcome. I wasn't meditating but I did focus on total relaxation, jellyfish style! I think the act of someone caring for you is super nice and I've learnt you can somewhat control pain if you put your mind to it. I'm back in Brisbane at my Family's house now as Ben had to go back to the desert for his job nothing is ideal but I'm appreciative for all the help everyone has given me...I really am completely useless at the moment :p

Glitter reflection in the car seat! It's an odd feeling having other people drive you around and when you get to the shops, just sitting in the car whilst someone else runs your errands, having cared for people in the past it's weird to now be the one cared for, it's hard!

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