Monday, January 14, 2013


Was practicing some levitating shots, like this girls rad blog, click here but mine didn't end so well....

Things I have learnt,
Breaking a bone, really really hurts (9/10 hurt) but didn't make me cry as much as my jumping ant bite! I knew it had broken because I heard the bone break...gross. Once they put the cast on it does still really hurt (I was very ignorant!). Getting up in the morning, takes me back to at least 7/10 pain. My good foot has swollen like a balloon from doing all the work, but it's doing a good job. As someone that has spent a lot of time being a carer, being cared for really is less than ideal, just in the sense that you become completely dependent on someone and you don't want to be. It makes you realise how amazing it is to have two legs. You can do a lot more than you really think. The first day I couldn't even get myself off the toilet but now that's one of the easiest things! Well easy-ish, okay, wait, it's bloody hard. Steps are a killer for me at the moment, but I'll report back on my process! My day consists of moving from one chair to another and going to the toilet. I have food, my ipad, books, my camera and my very revised to-do list within 30cm of me :) I cried more about the fact that I could no longer live my life to the extent I like living it than the pain.
I'm so grateful Ben is able to look after me, I'm so grateful I didn't break both legs, I'm so grateful that this is temporary and I get the chance to return to walking, running, jumping when I'm healed! I can't say I'm excited that I broke my ankle but I still believe you can be happy even when things don't go quite to plan. You just have to try and change those entrenched expectations!

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