Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Expo 88 exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane

Last time I was at the Museum of Brisbane there were five other people, this time I had to fight to get into a lift! Still at the city hall, in Brisbane but with a brand new space on level 3, Museum of Brisbane is really bringing the crowds, or maybe it's the Expo 88 bringing the crowds.

I was four when I went to Expo, so I have very vague memories but I do know that Brisbane people are so damn proud of Expo 88! I wish I could buy my 28 year old self a ticket because from what I can gather it was pretty much a dorky 80s version of Disneyland/Seaworld, they even had a water ski show! They also had a lunch time and a night time parade which is what the current Expo "Light Fantastic Rewired" Exhibition at the Museum revisits. The exhibition also displays souvenirs, "futuristic" uniforms, Oz the platypus mascot (interestingly designed by Bob Moore, a character artists for Disney) and a whole bunch of sketches and photos and models of the floats! Unfortunately they couldn't bring in the real floats, due to sizing and also because Expo 88 was designed to be a pull down event and everything sold off...sad! The models of the models are cute though and well worth a visit, just maybe don't go on the weekend or a rainey day like I did :p













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  1. Looks like a great exhibition :D

  2. aargh I should totally go and see this - I've always wondered what exactly expo was, have heard about Expo '88 since we were kids but yeah no idea what it was actually all about. Awesome Fee I think I'll try and get us there to check it out :)
    happy tuesday! xoxo

  3. Yeah I wish I was older when I got to see it, from the photos it seemed like it would of been awesome, right up our tackiness aisle :) They should totally recreate it but then it would probably loose it's awesome 80's ness style


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