Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday Presents

I don't know how exciting this is to anyone but myself but it's a bit of a tradition of mine to take photos of all my presents :) Enjoy!

Cute wooden ornaments from my Mum :)



Very sweet 'burntfeather' :p tea towel from Emaya and an awesomely rad bunny shirt from Heather

Bracelets and you can't see too well but that cup on the left has a cute black cat on it and greetings from Nambour. It also has an Irish-sequence poem inside so we guessed their must be a Nambour in the UK somewhere, after a two minute google search I could only find Australia's Nambour (my home town). Does someone know if there is a Nambour anywhere else but Queensland? It got me all curious!

Jake made me that card on the left it had a coupon inside for 24 unlimited access of table tennis and video games and another coupon for a million dollars...yes please :)


And an excess of cuteness from the Glynns!!!

Thank-you so much to everyone who sent me birthday love one way or another it made me smile :)

Thanks for reading my blog to!


  1. I like to take photos of all my presents too! Glad to know i'm not the only one. Love the wooden monkey.

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

  2. Ah thanks for linking me :) you have a cute blog!

  3. It's a great tradition :)

    and great presents by the way!

  4. I love seeing your pressie hauls! :)
    Happy birthday feeeeee! :)

  5. happy belated birthday!! i LOVE that bunny shirt and the cupcakes - i had rabbits as pets growing up so i have a soft spot in my heart for them :)

  6. I love bunnies!! We're not allowed to have them as pet's in the state I live which has always been a dagger in my heart :P

    p.s you have a cute blog!


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