Friday, May 10, 2013

Bully - Alex Libby

Has anyone seen the documentary Bully? It follows the lives of five US students all victims of bullying. I've got to be honest and say I made it through the first ten minutes of the film and couldn't stop crying. It got to me hard core, I had to go lie down and listen to happy music for a few hours afterwards, just to recover.
The next day I hoped onto google to make sure one of the kids being Bullied, Alex Libby had a happy ending. His story was the one that got to me (to be honest I didn't really get to see the others) but anyway Alex's sweet nature, made me want to reach out and hug him and be his friend. I decided to draw this cutie :)
Awww! Since the movie Alex has moved school and has since stopped being bullied :)
I'd definitely recommend the movie and perhaps one day I'll be able to get through to the ending

The Movie's Trailer 

 and an update on Alex
Have you guys seen it and what was your reaction??


  1. Was it on SBS? I would love to watch this

  2. No unfortunately not but it is out on DVD :)

  3. What a conicidence, I was just watching a clip of Ellen that talked about this documentary and I'm really glad it's getting some attention.

    Also, you have such a lovely blog :)

  4. It would be amazing if it, or an Aussie version, could be shown in Australian schools, I think bullying would greatly decrease!


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