Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daiso Goodies

So my mission to Brisbane was largely due to wanting to visit Daiso, a Japanese chain store that sells every product for a set price. I overheard a funny conversation when I was in the store
Girl (to shop employee): Is it just the items label $2.80 that are $2.80?
Employee: No, everything in the shop is.
Girl: Everything?!?? *jaw drops*

He he he, it was cute. So anyway this was my loot, a new calculator, some deco jewels to decorate it with and some cute stickers. On a side note I've got a sticker album coming, I'm going to start a new hobby, sticker collecting! I use to do it as a kid and to be honest I still always grab cute stickers when I see them but now I'll have an official book for them :)


  1. I was a bit like that Girl when I visited Daiso for the first time. My jaws did drop, I'm sure!

  2. Possibly visiting the Daiso store tomorrow! I think I'm gonna go crazy in there, especially with the stickers because I collect them too.

  3. weee, I hope you get some cute ones!!

  4. Oooooo I would LOVE that shop!

  5. i want a Daiso in Portugal <3

  6. Hopefully they spread World-Wide!


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