Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY Pink Organisation Peg Board

Okay, hands up, who has saved a million DIY projects with the best intentions to do them but years on they're still sitting in your "DIYs to do" photo folder. Ahh *hangs head* that's me...until today! I saw this cool idea to spray paint a boring white peg board pink and I made it happen. I thought I had to track down fluro pink spray paint, I think I went to about 8 stores trying to find this elusive fluro pink, Bunnings (Australia) had some, but for a pretty penny, so I ended up settling on $5 a can non-fluro spray paint. The cap was a pastel pink but it actually sprayed out the perfect pink colour :)

The peg board cost $21 (Bunnings) I had the guy chop the piece in half, because it was huge, so I have a random spare half now living under the house. By the way, high five to the Noosa Bunnings dudes, I normal get a lot of patronising stares when I go to a hardware store but these guys were so helpful especially when I had no idea of the name of what I wanted, "umm, do you sell those boards with the holes that you hang tools off" lol
Spray paint $5 (cheap store or auto store) one can was just the right amount!
Peg board clips $5 for a multi pack from Big W.
(I already had a hammer and nails)
Total cost: $20 (ish) I'm sure you can track down a cheaper peg board in the actual size you want!

This, by the way, is my temporary work space where I'm living at Ben's. I'm off to buy ferns tomorrow to give it a bit more life, despite its smallness, I've managed to stamp some fee-ness onto it :)

It needs a bit more organising, or at least me trying to stack boxes in an aesthetic way :p but I couldn't help but take this photo of my birthday present from Ben. It's a huge vintage, maneki money box and it's amazing. I need to find a space so it's greets visitors as they walk into my space :)


  1. That is an awesome DIY project! Don't worry, I too have a heap of projects that I aspire to complete but have yet to.

    PS: I'm hosting an Antipodes giveaway and hope you will enter:

  2. Glad I'm not the only one :)
    Would love to enter!

  3. I'm definitely with you on the things to do later list! Have my craftiness to do for Lucy's party but after that I have another venture to try out hehe.
    This is very cool Fee! And yay for bunnings people not being patronising :)
    Awesome pressie from Ben too eek so cool!
    Happy weekend xxx

  4. Her party sounds like it's going to be epic Heather...epic amount of work for you! If I can help in any way just ask :)

    I love nice hardware people!! It made my day, many smiles too

    Happy Weekend right back at you!

  5. I'm very guilty of procrastinating diy's forever and ever,ahaha
    i have two pegboards on the terrace waiting for me to act and paint and hang them but i'm so slowwwww

  6. .... and Ben's gift is the best <3

  7. ahh you have to do your peg boards!!

    I have a box labelled "to dos" with many craft materials ridden inside of it...must remember to actually look inside it more often :P


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