Saturday, May 25, 2013

Goodbye Snubs

Our favourite chicken Snubs/Paul passed away the other day. He was definitely the coolest chicken, a bit of a loner but the most friendly to humans. He had a bad beak so he was definitely at the bottom of the pecking order but I think he was definitely the raddest. We still have three chickens left though and they are coo too, I just had a soft spot for snubs! Anyway here are some pretty pictures of our garden...the house, I'm currently living at and which bens friends have lived in for ages, is going up for auction on the 15th of June, so I'm possibly soon to be homeless again...time for another change? My life has definitely been influx this last year and I'm definitely ready and happy to settle down.



Isn't that one impressive bee hive? It's hidden down the back of there place, I hope whoever buys the property if it sells, doesn't lop down this tree!!




Slack lining!


  1. Sorry to hear about Snubs. What a pretty place to live. Here's hoping your next spot will be equally as nice.

  2. OH NO! Do you think the new owners might want to throw you guys out? How sad :(

    PS That bee hive is so beautiful! Like amazing. I wish I saw it when I was there!

    PPS If you need more ppl for your cat project I'm sure Mum will be ONLY TOO HAPPY to pose with Peanut (:


  3. OH MY GOSH! If you get kicked out - you should come live in my room in Melbourne for two months?!??!?!?! BEST IDEA EVAAAAAAHHHHH X

  4. I believe it's all about the land with this place and they'd just knock down the house and build units, which will be super sad! I would totally love your Mum and Peanut!! that would be the best :) Oh and a room in Melbourne for two months, yes please, just that slight problem of money :P

  5. So sorry to hear about poor little Snubs....he sounds awesome.

    The bee hive is so cool.

  6. Aww thanks, he is definitely a missed chicken!

  7. goodbye little Snubs :'/

    The field around the house is great!
    i hope you can settle down soon*

  8. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Great blog girl!
    xo TJ

  9. Aww, sorry to hear about Snubs :(
    That bee hive is so unique looking. I would've never guessed it was a bee hive if I didn't read the text.

  10. I was pretty ignorant about bee hives too, when the boys first took me down to have a look, my first question was "is it like from Winnie the Pooh?"


  11. Aww sorry to hear about Snubs :( poor little guy *hugs all round*

    Meanwhile craziness about the house!! What are the plans now?

    Ps - we need to catch up soon, I miss my Fee :)

  12. Hey Heather!
    We do need to catch up :)
    Ummm plans
    1) hope it doesn't sell
    2) if it sells??
    yikes...I guess I either try and find something in my budget or see whatever else is doing and tag along!


  13. Do you want us to come to the auction and make loud comments about how bad the neighborhood is? ;)

  14. he he he!! We have already been scheming a few ideas :P Ghosts and junkies, but one of the brother's who owns the property is Darren's step dad so we can't be too much on the hate :P


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