Thursday, June 13, 2013

A roll of film

I finally got back a roll of film that has been sitting in my camera for months now. Ever since my film camera's light metre broke, i've been neglecting it and choosing my digital camera as my weapon of choice. I did manage to pick up my dream film camera from the op shop the other day, so I'm going to shoot off a roll of film in it and fingers crossed the photos come back all good :) I also bought a bunch of different rolls of film to try out, inspired by this lovely girl's blog which i'm excited about. Actually, I've been reading a few new blogs of late, including this one, very inspiring and I can't wait to get back into film :)











All shot on my OM-1 using ektar 100.


  1. Oh why is your leg in a cast? Hope it's off now...

  2. I broke my ankle in January (yikes the film has been in the camera for ages!) The cast came off end of March and my ankle is 95% recovered. It can take up to 18 months for a full recovery, which sucks, I can't run and if I walk for more than three hours my ankle swells up but it's much much better than it was :)

    Oh and I broke it by landing badly on it after attempting a levitating jumping shot :P lol

  3. oh these are so awesome Fee,please keep on shooting film :)

    amazing colors and details!Which camera did you buy at the op shop?

    And thank you for linking me :')

  4. Yeah I really love film, I definitely need to get back into it.

    I picked up a canon eos 3, it was like fate because I've been wanting a canon film body that would fit my current lenses. So far it seems to be working, I just need to do the final test and see if a roll of film comes back all good. Actually getting the roll of film back is my favourite thing, it's one of life's awesome moments :)

    No problem for linking you, your blog has been very inspiring for me!


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