Monday, June 10, 2013

Jeff The Big Dino

On the last day with Ben we went off to the Palmer Coolum resort to check out this Big T-Rex which had outraged many Coolum residents on Facebook. I remember reading the thread and people saying it was such an eye sore and how it was going to bring their coolum properties down and all sorts of craziness. Turns out Jeff the T-Rex is only visible from inside the actual resort so I think it's pretty silly all those people were in a such a stink :p. Jeff is all sorts of rad and apparently he is going to be animatronic (though he wasn't working when we went). All up I think there is around 165 dinosaurs going to make their way to the resort!! So cool. When we went we only saw Jeff and 'Bones' who funny enough is a replica dinosaur skeleton. Though we did miss out on a couple of smaller dinosaurs around the resort. I'm going to drag Ben back when he arrives home! He he










  1. That giant T-Rex is awesome!! I hate when people make a big stink over nothing!

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin?
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. Yeah people can be silly! Sure I'll follow you, you have a cute blog :)

  3. Oh that is super cool!!! I must go there!
    Ahhh people are nuts, dinosaurs in the area can only ADD value!
    Jeff is mighty awesome, and such a great name :)

  4. he's definitely going to make the market property go up!! yay for dinosaurs :)

  5. thats so awesome! I am so going to visit jeff one day!


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