Monday, July 29, 2013

Inside - Biggenden

Before Ben went back to work, we took a trip to visit his Mum's place at Biggenden. I love their spot in countryside :) I always end up taking loads of photos as it's a really pretty and photogenic place. There are a few more posts to come - today you get all the inside shots
Fresh cut roses from a friend :)

Knitted tea cosies are literally the best :P

Stopping to smell the flowers :p I was all blocked up and I could still smell how beautiful they were!

I've got two more Biggenden posts to share, I'll give you a hint about the last may or may not feature, Mac & Scooter, the loveliest dogs around!


  1. :D it's a beautiful beautiful house!

  2. it's so lovely I'm always happy to stay there :)

  3. Fresh cut roses have the most delightful smell. I'm always shocked, it's completely different from the fabricated "rose" scents out there.

  4. i love the flowers throughout the house :) very pretty.

  5. If they could truely duplicate the smell I think people would go crazy for it! There is something extra special about flowers throughout a house :)


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