Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspired by Japan

benny and ben

I've just come back from an amazing two weeks in Japan with my bf Ben and now, not only am I full of inspiration but I've discovered a new found determination to follow my dreams thanks to an eldery Japanese man named Benny. Let me back track!

saying goodbye 3 copy
I first met Benny 5 years ago when I lived in Japan for a year. I truely treasure Benny, he's funny, kind and warm-hearted, loves English and has always shown me great kindness!

Benny's smile

Two years ago I got the devastating news that Benny was ill with cancer, this crashed my soul and I wished I had the money to fly over at that time, alas I didn't so I drew him a picture. Doctors told him he had one year to live.

Fast forward two years and Benny is the example of a man following his dreams. He jokingly credits my painting as what got him through it, but I know it was more his determination and his dreams of following his passion. During my two weeks in Japan, Benny took us around his Uni. where he enrolled after coming out of hospital. Strict orders from the doctors of "you must have passion in your life" saw Benny do exactly that and indulge in his love of English...his passion!

Benny and the gang at waseda Uni
So no more what you love!

I hope everyone, one day meets a Benny or that this, simple story inspires you guys to follow what you love, cause life is short and we all must follow our passions!

I run my own blog called burntfeather feel free to stop over there cause in the next few weeks I'll be blogging all my japan inspirations and hopefully lots of Japan inspired art!


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