Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Singapore Zoo

Time to post all my zoo animals photos!

I actually have a super embarrassing story to admit too. We missed out on feeding the giraffes by about five minutes (neither of us had a watch) and I started crying, like bawling crying, I can laugh now but at the time I was so depressed I couldn't even take any photos, which is a pretty bad sign for me. Anyway it took me like an hour to recover and pretty much what made me feel better was when I saw this guy below...
I felt like, someone understood where I was at, lol. Is that weird, yup? Anyway he cheered me up big time and I really hope his day got better too! Luckily I was all recovered and back taking photos, otherwise this entry might have been dismal!

 How cool are animals :)


  1. GREAT pics! The Singapore Zoo is a wonderful place to spend the day for sure. So sorry to hear you missed out on the giraffe feeding though.

  2. Just an excuse to go back right :)

  3. Aw Fee.... you know what, travel breakdowns are pretty common I think. What would I know lol but I'm basing that on the fact that I generally have at least one on a trip - especially if something you wanted to do doesn't work out. So don't be embarrassed, if it's strange, we can be weirdos together hehe *hugs*
    These photos are BRILLIANT!! You're so awesome, and so are these cute critters! :) and now I'm off to catch up on the rest of your travel entries eek I'm so behind! xoxoxo

  4. yeah *high five* to travel breakdowns, I definitely seem to have one every adventure! he he

    At least once you've had one it's smooth sailing for the rest of your trip, well hopefully :)

  5. Totally cute <3
    wonderful colors,Fee!

  6. All gorgeous shots! I especially love that bat in the post below :) Sucker for bats.


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