Friday, November 29, 2013

Fraser island

The other weekend I headed to Fraser island with my family. It's quite possibly my favourite place I've ever visited so I'm not going to apologise for the excess of images :p. I've been to Fraser four times and each visit has been dramatically different. It's the largest sand island in the World and it's full of so much hidden wonder, I can't wait to visit again!

Now can you believe I forgot all my photography gear? Does that ever happen to you? The one piece of luggage you really want to bring and keep reminding yourself not to forget gets forgotten, lol, oops.

Luckily and thankfully I'm so crazy with photography that I had pulled out my digital camera with its 50mm lens to put in my handbag in case I wanted to take some snaps in the car. It was kind of fun to be restricted to one lens and I have a soft spot for my 50! It's my cheapest lens but probably gets used the most :) Unfortunately though no film on this trip :(

The beginning of the journey and us all waiting for the barge and some ominous skies in the background - I'll let you in on a little secret - it did end up raining on us and luckily in the process I discovered my new tent is waterproof!

The barge! You catch the barge from Inskip Point near Rainbow Beach - it's only a short distance but unfortunately quite pricey!

I traveled with my Dad, oldest bro Andrew and My little bro Jake and his friend Luke :)

More of those skies I was talking about!

We ended up camping at central station, definitely a different Fraser camping experience than I'm used to - dingo proof fence, toilets and water! It was a wise choose for the kids though :)

Hot dogs!

We were actually pretty lucky with the weather it was fine and sunny all the times we wanted it to be :)

After setting up our campsite and having lunch we went exploring Lake Mckenzie. The first time I visited Lake Mckenzie as a kid the water was breathtakingly clear and blue. It seems to have become less blue with more plant debris floating in the bottom but it's still a beautiful spot. I love water, I just don't fare too well with waves or salt water so this is my perfect waterhole...fresh water, still and perfect :)

We then ventured onto Mckenzie's Jetty, where you can see remnants of a pier they used for logging

Lots of fun soldier crabs too!

Ahhh Fraser you're just so beautiful :)

Exploring some wrecks, thought this might have been part of an old steam train perhaps?

 We then drove to kingfisher bay (the ritzy resort part of the island) the drive in itself was insane, actually the inland tracks on Fraser are crazy business, all sand and usually only wide enough for one car though always two way streets (scary when a bus is coming at you from the other direction). The tracks actually saw us have to come home earlier, which I'll explain in just a sec!

And the explanation!

This is what saw us have to come home early the next day. Two flat tyres and only one spare, luckily one of the rims was semi fixable, aka dad banging it with a spanner. The nice thing about Fraser or perhaps Australian in general is that people will always offer to help, even if it doesn't result in to much outcome the comradery is motivating :) 

 All packed and ready to say goodbye :(

If you ever make it to Queensland I'd definitely recommend a trip to Fraser!


  1. these photos are absolutely stunning. and there can't be too many. as to the forgotten camera equipment, sometimes restrictions can be good. it's a challenger, right? I'm using a point and shoot as the moment because the body of my DSLR is broken. as to people helping each other. that's not universal. in my experience it's more common in emptier parts of the world. in Europe, where there are people everywhere, it's much harder to find a helping hand.

    anyway, great trip you had. looking forward to your next one :)

  2. oh that's so interesting you mention that, have you heard of the bystander effect?

    It's essentially when there are lots of people around nobody helps but if there are a fewer people are more likely to step in!

  3. What a magical looking place. Too bad you had to cut your visit short.

  4. Dad's already talking about a trip back in the new year :P

  5. oh I love Fraser Island! I haven't been there in years, these photos are making me all nostalgic. Looks like you had fun!

  6. It's a really beautiful island well worth the visit if you ever find yourself down this way :)

  7. Looks like an awesome time. You really do take the most beautiful pictures. I love the ones with the birds in the sky.


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