Sunday, December 8, 2013

Canon EOS 3 - Lomography 800 Film

Unfortunately I haven't run a 400 lomography film through my EOS 3 (such contempt for 400 film :p) but I do have the 800 Lomo film to show you guys! I took most of my roll of film indoors. I'd loaded it into my camera knowing I'd be in low light situations. Remember the higher the number on the film the more sensitive it is to light and thus performs better in low light situations (though the more visible grain too!)

14 keeps 22 fails

Fails Reasons: Not in focus

Things to remember: I know the 22 fails seems bad but low light meant the auto focus really struggled in the camera! It was definitely not the film's fault. I actually loves how the film performed with indoor lighting, I thought it gave really great vibrant and interesting colours and I'd happily (and have) bought this film again! I also think the grain looks totally fine too :)


  1. The grain is very thin and the colors are awesome :D

  2. yeah I was very impressed :) Would definitely reach for this film if shooting indoors - and I didn't have other films I wanted to try out :P too many films!!


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