Monday, December 9, 2013

Canon EOS 3 - T-MAX B&W film

Okay it's time for some black and white film. Now the problem with black and white film is that it requires a different processing to colour film so my local shopping centre lab was unable to process it as they don't have the equipment. After sending it off online to get it processed the roll ended up coming to just under 50 bucks *gasp*. Luckily the Australian lomography site has just started offering processing and they can do all types and offer a much more reasonable price. I sounds like their spokesperson but really I'm just happy to not have to pay a crazy price!

Now all I can say about black and white film is you can't really go wrong. I had a feeling this would be the case. As long as you make sure the shot you're taking has strong contrasts or is interesting because you can't rely on pretty colours to save the day. 

I'm not even going to do the stats on this as the whole roll came out fine except for a few shots where the scene lacked depth. The T-MAX also comes in 100 speed film and up until recently they also offered 3200 but have since stopped production. Kodak also makes a TRI-X b&w film which is meant to be even more forgiving then the t-max aka you can't stuff it up if you over or underexposed it! They also do a BW400 which according to the kodak site gives creamy tones.  Definitely some future films for me to play with :)


  1. agree with you that shooting with black and white can't really go wrong! I have shot black and white twice but I havent got them developed yet because the processing cost is literally twice the usual price. sad times! still searching for cheaper processing place or waiting until I get a little more money to develop them

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. fifty dollars?! i feel you though on the pains of black and white processing.....i used to have access to a darkroom which was awesome {highly recommend it} but now i just have a couple of rolls collecting dust. they do provide wonderful results however, and i love the pictures that you took!

    Little Blue Backpack

  3. the prices are crazyyyyy 0_o

    i develop my b&w films a home :D

  4. Sara you do!! I keep finding out more wonderful things from you :) I have heard that b&w is the easier film to process at home but it's still a daunting process. We had a dark room at highschool and I got to learn how to develop film there but to be honest I've kind of forgot the process :P

    Ahhh un-developed film, I feel for you guys too! I wish film was still super popular and therefore more accessible and affordable but I'm still thankful there are places that still develop + equipment and film still to buy :)


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