Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

As we say goodbye to 2013, I like to recap as I feel it was a big one. The biggest game changer actually happened right at the start -  the 11th of Janurary when I broke my ankle.

Hospital Visit - old cast off
My first ever broken bone.  I had no idea what was ahead of me, actually the day after I was set to photograph a wedding and my first thought was, "Can I still photograph it? Surely I can just hop around" I have to laugh at that delusion running through my head as I lay on the ground in misery.  In the weeks to come reality set in and I found I couldn't even live by myself anymore forcing a move back in with my family

Moving out - with a broken ankle
So I (well my Mum and family - thanks fam!) moved me out of my apartment in with them and then once I could drive (three months later) I found myself living with Ben.  I've always been apprehensive about living with Ben, I thought it might ruin the magic but it's been really delightful :)

Fun things did happen, I got a signed autograph from Tim Burton.  People were nice and gave me presents and during my days of inability and lack of mobility I found myself sitting at my computer and starting two new blogs, my Big Things of Oz blog and my Cat Blog both of which have been mega super fun projects.

Ballandean - Fruitisforus and Fee
I also visited the Big Apple, the Big Dinosaur, Big PyramidBig Strawberry and Jeff

Surfers Paradise - beachfront
And I got to hobble around the goldcoast in my moonboot and by april I was back at work being a support worker

Alfred Birthday cake (close up)
I tried my hand at cake making here for my brother's 21st

Coolum - beach
Visited the beach a lot, and got to build my sea glass collection!

Canon EOS 3 - verandah
Grew an appreciation for plants

Got my very own chicken Oblina had some interesting art things happenings here and here
Ekka 2013 - Side show alley
went to the ekka

Sri Veeramakaliamman - petals
went to Singapore

Tiles of Melaka - stars

Frasier island - kingfisher bay camping here and here

Bandage foot stepped on a rusty nail and received the most painful needle of my life (same foot different injury :p)

Coco - car trip 
got to meet this little fella

Lauren and Blair Wedding - Golden hour 
and finished on a high with quite possibly my favourite thing of my whole year - a sort of round circle - I finally got to photograph a wedding  

What was your favourite thing of 2013? And your plans for the future?
For me it's more happiness, more photography and more adventures!

Thanks to my delightful boyfriend, my family and friends and all my new found blog buddies for all the love, it never goes unnoticed!


  1. oooh I didn't know about your big things blog! I just checked it out and it is AWESOME! I love all the big things but I haven't seen many in person :-( my favourite is the "big potato" in robertson (or the big turd as it is known locally). Anyway have a happy new year!

    1. eep, one day I'd love to do them all in Australia! I imagine the Big Turd would be a must see for me :P he he he...Happy new year to you too!!

  2. Hi Fee... have a great 2014, and better luck with your foot! ;)

  3. many sweet moments in your 2013!
    and enjoy 2014, many surprises ahead.

    ~a few of my top 2013 were>being a smallscale baker, the dance project i did in france, starting to sing in a choir...among others!

    1. Ahhh such sweet memories Sara :) Happy 2014!!

  4. looks like it was an amazing year. great photos. the highlights of my year were similar to yours. lots of travel, lots of photography, lots of new people. I can't complain. it was wonderful year. as to 2014... more of the same would be much appreciated :)

    happy new year xxx

    1. More of the same sounds great to me, minus my injury bits :P

  5. Yay! What a year! Hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for and more my lovely :)
    *clinks* cheers! :)
    Love you heaps xxx

  6. All the best for an even better 2014! (don't break any bones, okay ;p)

  7. I'm very happy i have 'found' you in 2013 :D and see that trough my blog so much great girls found one another <3
    i know how it feels to have one of your legs like that,i had a stroke on my leg,cast for two months and for me the part of depending on others was the hardest,but in the end i think we learn so much and got out of this situations stronger <3
    Happy 2014 Fee!

    1. Ahh definitely right back at you Sara it's been lovely to meet and follow you and find other lovely people through your blog :) I agree too that it's awful to not be able to do everything yourself, I also need to keep reminding myself how amazing it is that I'm able to walk again, I keep taking everything for granted! oops

  8. How nice to see your 2013 review! I have been able to read & see now all the amazing things that I have missed about your year (blame myself for not finding your blog sooner!):

    - Tim Burton autograph! I am a big fan of his work. How great it is that he looked at your drawings to select you!
    - Pink swedish bag present: in love :)
    - Moving with Ben, that's so sweet that you were scared of losing the magic. Routine is really scary, right?
    - Big things in Australia series is fascinating.

    And the ones I had the luck to follow:

    - Beautiful travels! (May I mention your incredible playgrounds series?)
    - Memerizing bright beaches pictures
    - Meeting some of your family
    - Your first pics as a professional wedding photographer.

    We also can't complain about our year. Specially that building the blog has made us able to cheerish all the good things in our life. Sometimes is so easy to focus on the negative things, that I like having a reminder of how beautiful life really is.

    Wish you a good year! I would say "break a leg" as theater people usually say, but I think you have broken enough bones for a few years to come ;P

    For a 2014 following all year long! yei! :)

    1. he he he, aww thanks Damaris, your comments always make me smile! I think it is nice to blog about the great things in your life too, I'm sure I sneakily exclude some of the bad - work whinges - people whinges but it's nice to get out of the mindset...life is fun and full of adventure! Thanks for being my blog buddy! It's been super delightful to meet you :)

  9. what a great year! i am extremely jealous of your travels :) looking forward to your 2014 and I am so glad to have found your blogs!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

    1. Thanks Katrina, was really fun to find your blog too!! I look forward to continue the read in 2014!

  10. Oh what a year! Maybe not such a great start but looks like the rest if the year went well. So glad you got to photograph a wedding afterall

    1. Thanks Trishie and thanks for being a lovely blog pal!

  11. Has your ankle tottaly healed?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

    1. It has, I'd say in the last month I no longer notice it anymore. Previous to that if I walked on uneven ground I'd feel a bit of sensation in the break area. I'm so happy though still extremely cautious. When the doctor told me a year and a half for full recover I was so shocked but her words have rung true since it's nearly up to that mark!


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