Monday, December 23, 2013


How fun are presents :) I've been hoarding some photos of late so I thought it would be fun to share some recent acquisitions as we approach the biggest gift giving season of all! weeee!

The prettiest bunch of pink roses. One day I want to have my own rose garden :)

This knitted cat was an unexpected surprise. Jean is a lovely lady, a friend of my Grandma who showed her a lot of love within the last few months of her life. It wasn't the easiest time but she went above and beyond, always and still does. She knew I loved cats and she has already made me a knitted cat before but she made me another - kind of left me speechless! Jean has a lot of thoughtfulness for others and inspires me to try and do the same :)

On a completely not thoughtful level I did buy myself a gift. I already have a pair of doc boots which I'd love to wear but I have never been able or courageous enough to break them in :p For now I'm sticking with what I know best, Mary Janes!

As the roses were nearing their end I picked off all the petals and put them in bowls around the house! the petals smelt so good I honestly couldn't stop inhaling them :p

How cute is he by the way, like a little starfish!

 It may be cliched for boyfriends to buy their girlfriends flowers but personally I will never ever get sick of it :p I'm so happy Ben is back from work for the holiday season!


  1. beautiful, and they go well together, the cat and the roses :) happy holidays xoxo

  2. Thanks Petra, happy holidays to you too!

  3. that knitted cat is so adorable!

  4. The knitted cat is absolutely the cutest little thing ever! How nice that your grandma had such a good friend, that is a treasure! Mary Jane Doc Martens?! Why I did not know they existed?! No wonder why it takes you time to move to the boots, love them :) Roses and Ben at home: lucky girl!

  5. Jean is definitely a treasure :) I just recently stumbled upon them too, I love those floral boots so I think that led me to them, still love the boots though!

  6. Flowers never get old as a present <3 <3
    and that knitted kitty is so precious .D

  7. That knitted kitty is just too cute. And now I want a pair of Mary Jane Doc Martens!

  8. They've become my work shoes and so far they're doing great. Mary Janes don't usually last too long for me but these have the awesome doc sole + stitching so I'm hoping they have a few years in them :) Not too sure about the material but fingers crossed it can take a bit of wear!

  9. loving the knitted cat! <3 this mary jane doc martens is just pretty, going to look in getting one for myself, if it suits me.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

    1. I've always been a bit of a sucker for anything doc marten and floral and I'm a sucker for mary janes so it was a perfect fit for me :)


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