Saturday, January 18, 2014

Canon EOS 3 - Fuji Superia x-tra 800 - expired

Okay I'm back on the Fuji game this time with 800 film (fast film ideal for lower light situations). A bit of a disclaimer first - before buying this film I didn't realised it was expired, so in all Fuji fairness I really need to try some non-expired film before making final judgements :p Perhaps the reason I don't like Fuji (weird contrasts, not so flattering colours) are because the films I've tried have been expired.

7 keeps 16 fails (wah wah wah)

Fail Reasons: I took most of the roll inside a bowling alley for Jake's birthday I was hoping it would react like the Lomo 800 film indoors and really make those colours pop and crazy. I found most of my shots were just boring. Now this could of been the lighting (it's a pretty loose experiment when you are doing your test shots in two different locations) but this roll back (possible my worst ever) gave me little reason to buy Fuji again. The two shots I did like (posted above) would of been impossible not to be exciting because of the colours but the film didn't enhance them - just delivered as is. I enjoy film for its ability to manipulate colours but if on the otherhand you are someone who wants to record more accurately a scene than perhaps Fuji is for you :)

Things to remember: Don't rely on this film to make the real world more exciting :P


  1. but the colors on the photo on the left are amazing, almost neon :D

    1. I'm thinking I need to stalk more video arcades!!


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