Monday, February 10, 2014

Canon 1000f - Portra 160

 Another film review for you guys today!

So I've tried Portra 400 with the 1000f but now it's 160 chance to shine. I like 160 more than 400, I know 160 means finer grain but I don't think that's the reason alone, perhaps more to do with the colour?

Portra is sold as being great for Portrait Photography, which means the oranges and reds aren't too crazy! Even though I know there are a lot of reds in these photos below you can kind of see more of a blue tone to the images :)
Canon 1000f - portra 160 examples
(okay I probably didn't pick the best photos to explain that :P oops!)

25 keeps 11 fails

Fail reasons: 5 of those shots were taken inside and suffered from being blurry or what I wanted to be in focus wasn't and I also didn't focus correctly on a few other things.

Things to remember: Unfortunately at 160 speed you probably won't have enough light indoors to get away with blur unless the indoor lighting is amazing or you have a flash, or a tripod or super non shakey hands - or like in that photo at the bottom you use double exposure! Sometimes I know I'm dipping way under my lens length, aka if you using a 50mm don't let your shutter go below 50 but I think - ah it will be alright! *shakes head* it probably won't be alright! 

I find that to be the hard thing about film. With digital you can just up the ISO with a button but with film you have to finish a roll or change a roll (though I don't think I'd be brave enough to do that!).

I really like portra 160 and I know it's going to give me the most quality and reliable shots out of all the films I've tried, it, funnily enough, is also the most expensive though :P


  1. oh wow these are really beautiful. i got the box of portra 160 for christmas and havent tried it, must do very soon!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. Thse pictures are so beautiful! I always try to be as professional as I can when tkaing pictures but it always ends up coming out so amateurish! These look amazing though!
    Can't wait to see more :)

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    1. I think the type of camera you have (or at least) the lens definitely contributes to photos, maybe you can see other photos you like and see what equipment they are using :) I'm sure your photos aren't amateurish though - we're always our harshest critics!

  3. i'm going to try out my first portra this week :)

    1. really ooohh, I'm excited for you! but as always - keep those expectations low :P


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