Saturday, March 22, 2014

Port Macquarie

Time to finally share my Port Macquarie pics. I will say, most of our trip was wedding related - we helped set up, I photographed on the day, we helped pack up and then we headed home.  It was a definitely a whirlwind trip but we still managed a couple of touristy things :)

We stayed at the Mecure, super luxurious - we usually go more budget so this was nice.  We were also lucky that the Winter Olympics were on and the airing of the women's ice skating which just happened to be both Ben and mine favourite winter sport :) We don't have a tellie at home so when we do get to watch t.v. it's really fun, lol, is that lame? Probably! I love telelevision by the way, we just don't have an aerial.

 On one of our free moments, we visited the Port Macquarie art gallery and partook in all the kid drawing activities :)

How cute is the elephant chair - wasn't game enough to sit on it though

We also wandered down to the town's centre and read all the history plaques, there was an excessive amount of plaques it was kind of funny because many, seemed to be there, just for the sake of being there- like a plaque commemorating the setting of another plaque

There was also a bunch of thong trees we spotted on the drive into Port which I made Ben pull over for me :) Btw we call flip flops, thongs in Australia just to avoid any confusion there :p

Another thing we ended up doing was visiting the koala hospital, which I'd personally recommend if you find yourself in Port Macquarie with an hour to spare.

They had a notice board where people had sent in their photos holding a stuffed koala (which you could purchase from their shop) I loved that wedding photo below, weddings on the brain I guess :)

On a side note, my dreams to be a wedding photographer are still unfolding - I keep having to pinch myself for the opportunities I keep being given! Still a long way to go but I'm super excited :)

This guy above is Barry and unfortunately he has scoliosis/kyphosis which causes that curved spine of his.  In happier news Ben adopted him well figuratively speaking.  You can read his blurb over here, apparently he is super grumpy but I think perhaps understandable because of his spine

Next door to the Koala hospital is the Roto house a historical landmark in Port Macquarie. When we first walked in a lady caught Ben putting a donation in their box and was really shocked and thankful and then told us she'd give us a talk on the house, it was very cute. Ben and I both remarked about how old we are that we actually enjoy doing things like this, lol!

Love the vintage Australian nurse uniform :)

 Super pretty portrait of the only daughter from the family (yes I was paying attention to the talk!)

And finally the digital version of the photo I shared the other week :)

So there you go, our Port Macquarie adventures all wrapped up. I did have a whole bunch of Big Things to photograph on the way home, my undoing was telling the much more well traveled people in Ben's family (Ben's dad is even a truck driver) of our plan to drive home on the inland track. Apparently it was going to put another 8 hours onto our journey, I swear it only looked like an extra half hour on google maps :p I had everyone come up to me with worried faces and phones and maps showing me the actual distance, damn! Ben surprisingly was not so keen, so I didn't push it but sat very quietly for the first few hours of the journey home, I guess you would call that sulking but at least I was aware of my sulking and made another executive decision to snap out of it which I think officially makes me an adult :)


  1. I love to go to Port Macquarie to visit family we have there, the weather is so nice compared to Victoria! This is a gorgeous collection of photos, it's always so nice to see somewhere you know through the eyes (or lens) of someone else :) x

    1. Thanks Meg, I too like seeing how other people view places that are common to me. Sometimes it takes traveling to somewhere new to appreciate it's beauty, I think that's why I love traveling because I want to take photos of everything!

  2. wow, fantastic photos. I so have to go there!!!

    1. It's a really sweet town, I actually want to do a lot more exploring in northern New South Wales, my room mates are adventuring at the moment and it looks like they are having an awesome time for the photos they keep posting on facebook anyway :)

  3. wow it's beautiful here. and aww i wanna give barry a hug. :) would love to visit the koala hospital if i'm ever there. ah wishful thinking!

  4. Laughed with your plaque on plaque comment :) and is that a tradition to nail the flip flops on a tree? Never heard of that, only the sneakers on the wire cables one. I also loved your spontaneous guided visit to the Roto house, it looks so nice inside (that nurse uniform is a beauty!). We had a similar situation back in Florida in the oldest house in Fort Lauderdale (trading post house) where by chance the last owner gave us a tour, we felt very honored and also old, as you say, to enjoy it so much ;)

    1. lol - I think it's okay to be old sometimes and appreciate the beauty in things and history :) The flip flops is definitely not a tradition or one that I have heard of before, only in Port I think! We get the sneakers on a wire and there is even a sneaker tree at a skate park that I've always been meaning to get a photo of - I love when everyone gets on board an idea even if it did start out as a way to identify a drug dealers home (or at least I think that's where it started from) :P


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