Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Film - Brisbane

When I was in search for the Friday floral post on something romantic I visited New Farm park in Brisbane to suss out their rose garden but I also swung by the valley to snap some street art as well :) I never showed those photos so I'm sharing them today :) These were all shot on kodak portra 160 film using my canon 1000f.

The back piece is by an artist called Shida, who is quite a prolific Brisbane artist and does amazing work.

The flower mural was from New Farm Park but that's another Shida piece on the left and I believe the character riding him is by the artist ghost patrol (Melbourne artist).

Death bug paste up by philb - totally awesome dude!!

And lastly (although I didn't take the best photo) the white and black paste up guy with the crown is by humble dumpling :) :) 

(double smiley for that one)


  1. Replies
    1. Nice blues and pinks on this roll :)

  2. How awesome it must be to see your man's work of art on the streets of Brisbane! Looks great.

  3. i love the colors on this film. and this is some really great street art. dude with the crown is just crazy awesome. ;)

  4. Love the Kodak's portra blues! amazing Ben's scary crowded guy!, is that place very high? how did he managed to do it? Ohh and that first piece by Shida is quite incredible, love how the black "monsters" are hiding.

    1. That film does do really nice colours :) The place is a little high but there are lots of varying roof sizes to climb up onto (personally I wouldn't be up for that kind of climbing but I am a big chicken!) :P

  5. oh, stunning pics. love, love, love street art...


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