Friday, May 9, 2014

Post Prom Party

The day after my prom was actually my birthday which was a super fun day as well but after the weekend came to and end and everyone had gone home, I ended up coming down with a bad case of the post party blues :p 

I did recognise the aesthetic nature of a post prom clean up though so I'm sharing those (possible strange!) photos with you guys today :)

I woke up to find people in the middle of a dance floor, sleeping on a mattress (sign of a good party right?)

On and important side note we still haven't taken down the balloon arch :p

Gremlin is one awesome kitty who didn't even flinch too much when some of the balloons inevitably popped around him.

Our recycling bin was super happy!


 Trash prince or a case of 'I'll sit on top of OR ridiculously close to whatever you're doing'

Happiness in plastic bags

I like this shot because you can see the Photobooth backdrop material, I also added some tulle at the top but I don't think you could notice it in the photos so probably not worthwhile but you know I tried!

Ben at one point said "I'm sweeping it into an aesthetic pile for you"
AND that's why I love him (or at least one of many) *cheese*

And just one quick final note, below are the song selections we recieved on the prom party fb group page.  If there was one thing I learned from the 21st party was that not everyone will like your music and people will also have a better night if they have their music say :) 

Ben ended up adding a whole bunch more to the playlist and I know daz ended up culling heaps because he mixed them altogether and some songs didn't fit (tempo wise?). I'm a bit clueless about the music because I threw it at Ben and Daz and said "HELP ME!".  I do remember dancing to the macarena and having 'backstreet back' stuck in my head the next day, so those two definitely got played :P

PLAYLIST/ everybody (backstreet back) alright / macarena / 4 non blondes - whats going on / shoop-salt n pepper / machine gun fellatio - the girl of my dreams is giving me nightmares / harvey danger - flagpole sitta / semisonic - closing time / blink 182 - dammit / grinspoon - chemical heart / DJ jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Boom shake the room / Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny / Third Eye Blind - semi charmed life / arrested development - mr wendall / simple minds - don't forget about me / utah saints-utah saints / jessie's girl / cardigan - love fool / ill be there for you - the rembrandts / waterfalls / one week / blue / I'm too sexy/ vitamin C grad song /informer by snow / vanilla ice / groove is in the heart/ beastie-boy / tism / regurgitater / pump up the Jam - technotronic/ spiderbait/ C&C music factory/ take that / come out and play - offspring / red hot chilli peppers / the cranberries/ roxette


  1. Gremlin has to be the cutest cat ever :)

    1. Ah he is such a cool little dude, I want everyone to meet him!

  2. After such an awesome party, it's no wonder you got the post party blues. And Gremlim is so cute!

    1. Oh man I got the blues bad! A good thing about Gremlin is he can take your mind off things :)

  3. Gremlin and the balloons is tooo cute! And yay for everyday balloon arch. I bet it makes you smile every time you see it.

    1. It does!! I can't imagine our living room without it now :)

  4. Replies
    1. Had to google that Sara (I'm behind the times!) :)

  5. these are definitely signs of a good party! :) and that playlist made me smile - 4 non blondes omg!

  6. Hahahaha, the songlist is so fun, I definitely relate the 90s with love fool the most! (and backstreet back alright! :P) oh! and the Macarena was a really bad thing we got to export from Spain, hahaha, I feel so shameful for that :) Gremlin is a brave fella! Juno is scared of balloons unless they are attached to a long ribbon and floating on the air (helium), then the ribbon is too much interesting to run away ;)

  7. Oh yeah the Mararena is from Spain! forgot about that, don't be shameful it gave Aussie's (at least) one dance they could remember :P (can you call it a dance?!?) he he he. Keeping on the shameful train I used to think I could sing lovefool really well (because of my high pitched voice) lol - I couldn't!

    Aww Juno is so cute, now I have the sweet image of her playing with helium balloon ribbons in my head :)


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