Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 year in review

So although my year has been busy with Weddings, it's fun to see all the non-wedding happenings too. 

2014 has been an amazing year for me in terms of shaping/directing my life how I want it to be and something I want to continue in 2015 - not be afraid to go against the norm.  I want creativity to rule, money to take a backseat and happiness to be in foreground :)

The year started off hot (literally) when we went to the woodford folk festival 

We packed in lots at Port Macquarie, a wedding, skatepark, and other adventures :P

I did silly things

I learned some basic crochet although have probably forgotten it again by now :P

My lovely Cousin organised an amazing trip to lollipop land!

Ben and continued on with our art challenge - although fizzling out somewhere along the year - oops

I finally got to see the Big Prawn and it remains my favourite big thing I've seen :)

I got some amazing letters throughout the year which I need to reply to - they're coming guys!

Got obsessed with finding out the cause of death of the mutton birds who washed up in thousands on our shores

Finally got around to showing you guys my collections!

Had some fun adventures with film photography

and some awesome thrifting finds

Definitely re-evaluative my approach to food - the last few months my diet have taken crazy turns which I'm sure I'll talk about more in 2015 and share my journey :)

more film and roaming in Brisbane
and way too many trips to the beach

playing with extension tubes

AND hands down the best thing of 2014 was getting our Gremlin Monster in April!!!

Such an awesome addition to my life

I also turned 30 in April and had the most awesome Prom Party!

Street art adventures 

Geocaching exploring

Having to move twice - boo!
Cat Girl finally got her partner in crime Bat Boy 

Had fun doing the Pikmin Diy with Gremlin (thanks Damaris and Dani!)

 exploration of abandoned stuff :P

and winning stuff!

more beach trips and trying to turn Gremlin into an adventure kitty which we failed at :P

a fun Byron Bay Road trip

Making use of my thrifting finds

Exploring Goma

Making things

Starting my 100 strangers project - thanks Naomi 

Visiting Woofstock!
More art  :)

An awesome holiday to Fraser Island

and a tacky christmas card to finish it all off! *breathes out*

Are you guys excited for 2015 - any plans? I love love the start of a New Year, it's like the clock resets and you get to start over again :)

I can't wait to see what 2015 has in plan I'm sure it's going to be grand!



  1. Looks like such a fun year, Fee. :) I can't wait to see all of the awesome creations you come up with in 2015. xoxo

    1. yay - likewise for you too Sarah, thanks for being a fun blog buddy :)

  2. Gremlin is a winner this 2014 :)

    Happy New Year, Fee <3

    1. He is the winner ten times over!! :)

  3. i loved looking back on your year! i remember so many of these posts! i usually get a little down at the beginning of the year but i am excited about the prospect of starting new. i like that feeling as well. happy new year!

    1. Aww thanks for the kind words :)
      I was so happy to read you say that Jane on your blog, being excited for the new year and entering with a head full of awesome ideas too!!

  4. Love this! These are such gorgeous shots :)

  5. Aww what a great year for you matey, love it! And I wish even more happy adventures for you and Ben and sweet Gremlin (also the chickens!) in 2015!
    Love you heaps xx

    1. Yay - thanks Heddie, here's to a great year!!!

  6. What an amazing year, always full of fun adventures! Will never forget your awesome DIY prom photobooth... Looking forward to continue following you this year. Happy New Year!!

    Katrina Sophia

    1. yay - I will never forget that party, such good memories from the night and proof that if you put in a bit of effort things can turn out awesome :)

  7. Happy New Year Fee. You 2014 was so eventful and exciting. I just got caught up on Lollipop land through your blog. What a magical place.

    1. It's always fun for me to have a look back and smile - I would of forgotten about lollipop land too which was all things awesome and totes magical, you would have dug it! :) :) Happy New Year!

  8. wow, love, love, love your pics and your projects and all the colour and life. looks like you had a fabulous year!!!

    1. aw thanks Petra, I always like seeing my year in one nifty post too - it inspires me to do more projects and colourful things :)

  9. Big fan of your 2014's adventures! :) I'm glad that you posted the unicorn picture which is priceless (cuuuute!) but of course this year Gremlin takes the first position as the most amazing thing of the year. Oh! and I remember having so much fun with the preparation of your prom party, I felt like being part of all of it. Yay for starting so many wonderful photography projects and keep on developing your art! I'll be reserving a front row for this 2015 if I may! :)

    1. I had shamefully forgotten about the unicorn sofa! and I may of even forgot that Gremlin isn't even a year old *gasp* the year felt short and long for different reasons but the majority, happily filled with sweet memories :) Thanks for being always so sweet yourself, I look forward to all your photography adventures too!

  10. It looks like you did some wonderful things last year! And very happy new year to you! I hope your 2015 will be filled with lots of fun, laughter, successful creative endeavors and cat purring;)

    I was hoping I'd get that blank canvas fresh feel, but instead I'm still a hibernating zombie… however I'm back blogging again so that's good. And I'm sure I'll do lots of fun things once it's less cold (or I'm just used to it)!

    1. I definitely go into zombie mode in the cold, I think I'd view the new year so much differently if it didn't occur in mid summer - I'm always way more inspired and upbeat in the heat! Also I think wanting 2015 to be filled with cat purring is perhaps the best resolution I have ever heard!! Thanks for making me smile :)


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