Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GOMA - Sep 2015

Back in September, Ben and I took a trip to our favourite art Gallery in Brisbane - GOMA! Unfortunately I think they are teeing up for their big APT8 in November so the majority were past collections on show. Fortunately their collections are always awesome so even though we had already seen many it was still a fun trip :) By the way I cannot wait for the Asia Pacific Trienanial!

First up a painting by Gareth Samsom. A good trick I learned when taking photos is to take a photo of the write up plaque directly after, so when you review you have all the info right there :)

Mimicking that of a fish spine, this piece is the work of Brian Robinson and has reference to the Zeanadh Kes Islanders and I personally found pretty darn cool!

One of the bigger exhibition segments in GOMA was Robert Machperson's work who Ben said epitomised exactly what he hates about contemporary art. I on the other hand thought the sentiments behind the piece were pretty sweet - a deconstructed sandwich :) 

They also had my very favourite van out on display (the rest of the post shall photobomb you with!) and on the right side MacPherson again with another sandwich :)

I loved this transformed Jeep by Husband and Wife duo, Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan. They write up said they sought to fuse together numerous Filipino traditions, fine metal work, prison Tatts and the "Jeepney" :)

A final piece by MacPherson this time to do with dry cleaning or icecream flavours or something :p

Back to Yoshitomo Nara's van, titled "mini studio". This time I tried to photograph more of the inside details!

 It's all so cute and I love the idea of peering in too!

I think Monica Rohan had to be my second favourite Artist of the gallery, her paintings with all their patterns and colours were incredible!

I'm sure I've also posted about Takashi Murakami's figures before, happily titled "mini museum"

The perfect Gashapon size!

Tyza Stewart's painting looked into experimenting in gender modification with her self portraits.

And Yukinori Yanagi's Rising sun was made up of hundreds of Hanko stamps (a Japanese stamp used to sign documents).

More Jeepney wonderfulness

I actually thought this piece above by Michael Zavros was a photo as it's listed as a print but I had a look at his website and he does amazing realistic paintings which leaves me even more gobsmacked!

Lucky last are these awesome discarded drink containers painted to resembled 76 (somewhat whimsical) species of birds and behind a vinyl cut out by Teho Ropeyarn depicting his indigenous culture.

I love how the gallery choose to pair the two together!


  1. Love these cool art - really like Monica Rohan's!

    Katrina Sophia

    1. These photos definitely don't do her work justice - so detailed and amazing!

  2. Amazing and varied stuff. I can't believe Monica Rohan's work is all painted, it looks like collage. And something about those drink container birds really struck me.

    1. I really dug the birds too! Monica's paintings up close were so good!!

  3. really interesting pieces of art and i can't believe you made it even more amazing through your lens! :D

    xoxo, rae


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