Friday, March 4, 2016


So the Asia Pacific Triennial was on again last year at GOMA + continuing on this year and I must admit I had high expectations! I've been going to every APT since high school (I graduated in 2001!) and they've never let me down. For me the APTs are known for their quirky selection of artists and amazing installations and that excitement of what's around the next corner. 

Unfortunately this year was the first time I felt super underwhelmed by the end of my gallery exploring. The general tone was a lot more serious and visually toned down to what I'm used to with a greater emphasis on video installations, which to be honest always tend to rank low on the Fee love-metre. Luckily there were still a few gems, including this amazing room that displayed an animation and changing lights and was super pretty and engaging - Emaya and I's favourite! Also the kids section, never lets us down and we got our craft on which was fun :) I say, if you're in Brisbane, it's worth a look but if you're like me and love the usually quirky, bright out there nature of the APTs you might be a little disappointed!

I did learn about these indigenous memorial poles which are painted when someone dies - each pole has a different design :) How pretty is this star one!

The amazing animation room - photos don't do it justice!

I was also super fascinated by these works from traditional Indian artists :)

 Kid section saves the day!

Looking back on the photos I may have been a little harsh and I'll definitely admit there was a lot of awesome things but just usual GOMA awesome-ness (if that makes any sense) I hope in another three years APT returns to it's usual next-level + out-of-the-box goodness!

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  1. this is inspiring, thanks for sharing! :)

    xoxo, rae


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