Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Japan Road Trip: Nara Dreamland

Getting to visit Nara Dreamland, an abandoned theme park in Japan are what (my!) dreams are made of :) 

A blog I read, Sho and Tell, run by Shoko (super awesome blog btw!) recently posted a link to an article about people's love of spending time in temporarily deserted places. Although Nara Dreamland isn't technically on the temporarily side, it stills shares this quality of being in a state that it shouldn't be. I was amazed to find fairly low levels of vandalism and little details, like a box of stale ice cream cones (abandoned since 2006) which made my day :)

The whole time we explored the grounds, my heart was going a million miles a second - the experience being overwhelming, adrenalin filled, amazing and at its very core a wonderland for a pastel kawaii lover, such as myself :)

Gallantry head


Abandoned Japan

Captain flag



  1. What an absolutely incredible place to get to roam around and photograph. That's bucket list stuff right there.

  2. Wow. What a big dump of treasures!

  3. That is so awesome Fee and Ben!! You guys are such amazing adventurers! I wouldn't have been brave enough to do that!

    1. don't worry I nearly wasn't either :P he he he

  4. Wow this is 100% Fee! :) love love your smile in the front door and also Ben with the monster's mask. The pastel colors of all the buildings and rides are amazing, I am like that heart-eyed emoji. Aww and you're wearing the mermaid t-shirt, you're so so cute with in and your pink beanie!

    1. Had to wear my fav shirt for this special occasion!!! :) :) You would of loved loved loved it!!! Hey still time to take a trip there you guys!


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