Monday, July 11, 2016

Japan Road Trips: Fast Food Stops

I had no idea what to call this post because it's sort of a hodge-podge of random photos across the several days it took us to head back to Tokyo and drop off our van. We did eat fast food in that time - yes our traditional Japanese eating ways, crumbled beneath us but it did give me something to work with for the title :p. I also took some cute photos along the way, which seem to fit nowhere else but this post - enjoy the random!

A cute little underpass with mosaic animals advertising a nearby zoo.

My new obsession - cloud trees!

Mt fuji on the left perhaps?

At Maccas they had the cutest happy meal - Doraemon! I had to take a lot of photos of course :) :)

Ben ordered a bacon and egg mcmuffin but the muffin was a pancake!!

Whilst I got one of their limited edition sakura drinks - so good by the way :) On a side note, this photo makes me miss my bright pink hair! I was a little worried Japanese people may have frowned upon that colour choice but I got such nice compliments from strangers!

Random blue lake, why not?

One night, after a seriously amazing onsen that had a cinnamon tub, a cold bath with oranges in it (actual oranges) and so many different baths inside and out, we ended up at a plaza.

Last time in Japan, Ben and I went skill tester crazy but this time we weren't feeling it as much - too many of those super weak claws you see above!

Pet store kitty - sad eyes - Awww!!

On another sad note, my depressing vegan pizza.  The guy serving us had to pull out the special menu (from under the counter) which had one vegetarian option on it. I asked for no cheese and because it must have been an extra special order it came to around $35 bucks - I could of cried - it was pretty small (see Ben's pizza below!)

Ben on the other hand got a whole combo for under $15. Definitely could of cried.

The following morning, after staying at one of my favourite Michi no ekis (they left water and food out for street cats in the ladies toilet!!) we embarked on a super fun adventure

I'm a bit sad we missed the opening of the info center(??) but we needed to get on with our day and onward with the adventure!

Japan Observations
         Heated toilet seats (so good for early winter starts)
         Everyone speeds 10-20kms over (the slow speed limits!!)
         Peeps put their hazards lights on to say thank you (wish we did that in Australia!)
         If traffic lights flash red you can go through them (well I hope you can)


  1. Oh man, I am so nostalgic for Japanese toilets. Why can't we have them everywhere?! They're so brilliant. And *gasp* at your pizza tragedy! We actually dinned and dashed when we were charged $8 for tea at a restaurant that couldn't be bothered to take our order after waiting an hour! Rick was terrified that they'd send the police after us, but I think they just chalked it up to foreigners not understanding. It's not the sort of thing I would ever normally do, but we were just too upset to argue and just left.

    1. Yeah it definitely made my pizza less enjoyable and I think I was also a bit fragile with food at this point having a hard time finding anything to eat other than onigiri and snacks - I never knew I'd miss hot food so much! There's reasonable service, there's terrible service but slightly forgiveable and then there's service that just peeves you off - the tea incident sound like it definitely falls into that last option!

  2. Oh my gosh - your pizza story! ToT I am still terrified of going to an onsen (although my friends still haven't given up on taking me to one) but cinnamon tub??! Sounds interesting!

    1. I don't know if I'd brave up in Australia myself, I think it's always easier to do things out of your comfort zone when traveling - certain anonymity or something :P The cinnamon tub was delightful though!


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