Monday, August 29, 2016

My Birthday Haul

Despite this being many months later, I still wanted to share my awesome birthday goodies I received back late April :)

First up from my lovely cousin, a cute bunny tote (which I've been using a lot!) and a super cute little suitcase that now houses my embroidery supplies :)

Ben's mum got me these super cute cat earrings on the left.  I'm not sure if you can see but the front of the cat sits in front of your ear and it connects behind with his swinging tail, so it looks as though they are jumping through your ears! And how about that super cute cactus from my little bro - eep!

Ben got me an amazing assortment of zines/badges/stickers and that super cute ying yang cat patch which I'm still working out the best place for it to live.

My Mum got me all of the above Amazing goodies. The red suitcase now houses my dymo label maker + tapes and we've been using the cat tray for Gremlin's food (just need one for Pnow!).

And close up of the super cute tin and brooch!

I think I won around 30 dollars on those scratchies from my bro Matty and my littlest bro, Jake always makes me incredible handmade card *love*

More goodies from my lovely cousin, Heather and her family, so much to love - how great is that Frida notebook! (have you seen the recent movie btw? definitely worthy of a watch!)

The cutest cards!

And two African violets from my dad :)


  1. You have such wonderful people around you who get you gifts that are so so you! :)

    1. It's so lovely hey - I feel blessed :)


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