Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thrifty Sunday /15

Some more thrifty goodness to show you guys this week.

First up a really beautiful print by a famous indigenous artist named Albert Namatjira. His story is definitely worth googling, powerful and sad but also nice that art can let some forget outward differences.

A heart punch - super handy for crafty time

A Matilda cup, she was the mascot for the 1982 commonwealth games - you can see her life sized version over here

I bought this kid's pottery wheel for a bit of fun for Ben and myself. Ben was able to throw a super cute pot on it even despite the wheel's many many flaws and I did some epic fails :P

To keep up with my big things memorabilia, a big banana water gun!

How cute are these stickers -the back is also so amazing with its graphics

Pastel vintage goodness

And keeping up with the aussie theme a Sydney opera house mug :) :)


  1. always such wonderful things you find!

    1. so fortunate to have great thrift stores around :) :)


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